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Personal health management for corporate employees and their families.

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Digital health and wellness program for employers and healthcare providers.

We help companies protect their greatest asset – human capital.

With 5% of employees contributing 50% of medical costs, it is more economical to spend on preventative healthcare than on sick care.

Our Program

Manage your health and wellness via your smartphone and portable devices.

  • 1. Download The App

    Available for free on iOS and Android with your one time activation code.

  • 2. Build Your Profile

    All information will be stored securely in our information vault. Your security is our priority.

  • 3. Measure Your Condition

    Using CelliLifestyle and CelliHealth indices, we analyse your most pertinant factors to provide a personalised biometric score.

  • 4. Find Your Path

    Based on your biometric score, receive recommendations, information and a comprehensive treatment plan across our four pillars of regenerative health.

  • 5. Track Your Progress

    CelliHealth combines data from your smartphone, wearable devices and laboratory tests to update your health profile in real time.

  • 6. Enjoy Your Service Platform

    As a member, enjoy the support of our coaches, corporate benefits and discounts from our strategic partners.

Our Focus

Health is a state of complete physical / mental / and social well being not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

  • Nutrition

    We help you eat smarter and make the right food choices in your diet. Whether you cook at home or eat out at a restaurant.

    Check our food database covering a large variety of local Singaporean foods and local restaurants.

  • Exercise

    We provide the insights and tools for you to better understand the critical importance of regular exercise.

    Connect your wearable device and track your daily exercises seamlessly and effortlessly.

  • Stress Management

    We show you easy ways to achieve complete relaxation and wellness.

    Improve your sleep with helpful tips and discover the power of yoga, meditation and much more.

  • Social Support

    We help you set realistic goals that you can achieve and provide you with incentives to keep you motivated.

    Our professional coaches are there for you to support you making the change.

Your Health Corner

Chronic diseases are a common cause of illness and more serious complications in all developed countries.
With early detection / lifestyle changes / and medical intervention these can be avoided or effectively managed.

Are you at risk of developing a chronic heart disease?





High Blood Pressure Treatment

Your Marketplace

Enjoy benefits and discounts.

As a CelliHealth member you can enjoy preferred offers and significant discounts of up to 50% at our marketplace partners. A wide range of offers awaits you including restaurants, spa treatments, yoga classes, and sports equipment as well as dietary supplement products.

We are adding new partners every day.
Please check the CelliHealth app for our latest offers.

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We’re here to help, whether you are an employee, employer, health care service provider or marketplace partner.
For any questions or if you are interested in a product demonstration please email us below.

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